Talking about the power of a gift...

Talking about the power of a gift...

La Palma Parrita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

January 4, 2013

Dear Fortin Family:

May God Bless you! My name is Krisbel Celeste Agüero Camacho, I am 7 years old and I am going to be in second grade of elementary school this year. I have 2 sisters, one is 5 years old, her name is Amber Alana and Angelina 4 months old, and a brother Matías, who is 4 years old. I live with my parents in my grand-parents' house.

I wanted to thank you for the shoebox you sent me 2 years ago. It made me feel very, very happy. So happy that I will never forget that gift, it was very special! I felt like if 2 older brothers were sending that gift to me. I would like to get to know them, but my mother and my grandmother say they live very far away –I don't really understand how far it is.

I wanted to tell you that I was born on February 21st. However, I celebrate my second birthday on April 27th since I was 5 years and 10 months old and my grandmother is going to tell you why.


In April 27th of 2007, when Krisbel was 2 years and 2 months old and Amber was 2 months old, we were walking to church –located 6 km away from our house. It was around 6:45pm, we were a little bit late and my husband was in a hurry. When we were by Parrita downtown a car showed up, driving very fast. My husband had to stop all of the sudden and the other car almost hit us. Because of my health problems, I became very nervous.

When we arrived at the church I told my daughter I was going to take Krisbel out of the car with me, so she could bring the little baby. I totally forgot that my husband had to go out again to pick other people up to come to church. When I was right in front of the church, Krisbel let go of my hand and run behind the car to enter the church by herself. At the same time, my husband was driving backwards. He didn't know Krisbel was behind the minivan. I started screaming at him, but he didn't hear me because of the music outside. We saw the car drive over Krisbel's breast. People were screaming: "he killed her" and at the same time I heard my daughter yelling for someone to hold the baby, so she could take Krisbel.

My husband got off the car, when he saw the little body without any movement. He took out Krisbel from under the car and turned her and he realized that the little girl was not breathing. I knew I didn't have to move her, but I took her in my arms and raised her 3 times and she started breathing again. She never cried, she just put her little arms around my neck.

We immediately ran to the local clinic, where she got some stitches in her left ear. They advised us to go to the hospital to run a complete examination. Since there wasn't an ambulance at the clinic, we had to drive her to the hospital in Quepos, about 5 km away. Once we got there, the doctors started the checkup but they didn't believe us because they could only see the face scraped and the stitches in her ear.

They believed us until they saw the prints of the wheels on her body and arms.

That day the service at church shifted to be an intercession service. The pastor and some of the leaders came to the hospital to see the girl and they said: "Don't worry! The hand of God lifted that car –believe! Everything is going to be OK, there won't be any consequences".

Approximately 16 doctors came to check on her and they had no explanations for the survival of the child.

In the x-rays they could see air compressed in her lungs due to the weight of the car which was causing her difficulties to breath. However there were no broken bones. At the beginning they x-rayed her every half an hour and then every hour to see the evolution of her lungs. She was never unconscious but she didn't talk, didn't move and didn't want to drink milk or even water. The pain was so intense that it was really hard to shower her the next day. She couldn't bear anyone touching her or moving her. Krisbel didn't even cry, she just stood there wailing and barely breathing.

Every doctor, nurse and staff of the hospital wanted to see with their own eyes this miracle. Moreover that 2 days before Krisbel's accident, a little 3 years old boy died when his grandpa accidentally ran over him in the same way with his automobile. It was unbelievable that Kris was run by a coaster for 14 passengers and she was still alive.

She was then transferred to a more specialized hospital located in Puntarenas, because even though they couldn't find anything the fever kept increasing. They asked me to stop giving her liquids because they had to perform an ultrasound.

I finally heard her precious voice asking gently to the doctor for some water. It was the third day after the accident, 3am to be precise and she turned to me and said "granny look I'm in a bassinet like the one Amber has. Granny I want to talk to grandpa". I told her that if I called home at that time they would be scared but she insisted so I called. She was dismissed that afternoon.

A month passed by before she could roll over by herself. When she made it, she was thrilled. Even though half of her ear and her face were damaged, it didn't scar. She sees life in colors; she says it's a rainbow. She wakes up and says "Oh God, what a beautiful day, amazing flowers and birds. Sometimes she is sad because of her father's indifference so she says it's a gray day. When she mentioned she lived with her parents it's because my daughter got married again and she calls that man daddy.

In the shoebox you sent, there were some candies of different colors. After 3 months or so we realized there were ants among her things, so we moved everything and we realized the candies were the cause. We asked Krisbel why she hadn't eaten the candies and she said: "I don't want to finish them; I want them to last forever to remind me of this family that loves me so much".

Thank you very much! We tried to find you on Facebook without any luck. If possible, you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You could also find us on Facebook –me or my daughter Isaura Camacho Vásquez. It's a long distance but technology is a blessing! She wants to meet you and that way it would be easy. She doesn't understand why she can't go to Canada. We don't speak English but if you write to us we'll find a way to communicate with you.

We live in La Palma of Parrita in Puntarenas, a province of Costa Rica. Our address is: In front of the court of the entrance of Playa Bandera -4kms from Playa Bandera. It's the fourth house on the right side. If you ever travel here, I would love to give you a hug!

Love, Krisbel Celeste.

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