About us

Our mission

"We are a Non-Profit Organization engaged in receiving and administrating donations to cover the needs of vulnerable groups."

Our vision

"We will be an international organization founded on principles with excellent service and administration of projects."

Our core believes

  1. We believe in God Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as the primary source of happiness, hope and personal realization.
  2. We believe we are to help those who need it most, respecting their beliefs, ideology, religions and culture.


  1. We believe the solution for poverty does not consist only in giving to the people the resources they are lacking.
  2. The needs in the communities are determined through a community diagnosis.
  3. We promote social development with the participation of the church, private companies, organized groups and the local government.
  4. We operate on areas of education and health.
  5. Our work goes beyond the monetary value of it as we touch on the different areas of a person that we recognize as an integral human being.
  6. Our administrative costs are 16 % of the total income received by donations.
  7. The Ministry of Presidency through the Office of Social Support, provides the tax exemption for all the donations coming into the country.


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